Digital Brochure Photo

The Digital-Brochure is designed to promote properties by combining the best of paper brochures with computers. The Digital~Brochure is a self-contained promotional compact disk featuring full screen photos, written details of the home, agent and company information, and a Virtual Tour that can be emailed. All set to music.

Features and Details

  • More Details   Contains 2 to 5 times more photos and features, then other virtual tour products.
  • Informative    Contains full screen photos and written details. Also items such as floor plans, tax maps and surveys can be incorporated.
  • Ready-To-Go    Self executable program. Simply insert the disk into your computer and the program will load and start playing!   No downloading of additional software needed.
  • Customizable    Label and credit slide contains an agent photo, contact information and company logo.
  • Economical   Cost effective promotion compared to 360O home tours and other virtual tour products.
  • Flexible   Allows users to view details at their own pace.
  • Downloadable    Includes a small Virtual Tour file that is perfect for emailing or posting on the internet.
  • Promotional    Gives greater exposure for sales agent and real estate firm.
  • Rapport Building    Makes a wonderful tool for listing presentations and open houses.
  • Simple & Fast Processing